Three top SIM card offers from 3

Whatever your requirements for your phone or tablet alike, 3 has a SIM card offer which is sure to please you. The reason is that you this provider offers to all customer segments at a time. You can have low-cost tariffs as low as £6.90 a month and high-end plans where data, calls and texts arrive in unlimited amounts.

For individual offers catering primarily to the medium segment, 3 is the exclusive provider of unlimited "internal" talk between 3 subscribers and free Skype to Skype calls. You are also to tune in to MSN Messenger and listen to your voicemail for... guess again, for free. Naturally, if buying the right plan. Here you will find a selection of three offers from 3. It is difficult to rate them as the best; rather, they can roughly be categorise them as the cheapest of all, the top 1 month offer and the top consumption one.

The cheapest offer

And the name of the cheapest offer is... Essential Internet 200 12 months. As its name presumes, you will have to commit for 12 months and will be paying a mere £6.90 a month. The gratuitious portion comes in at a 500:200:5000 ratio for, respectively, MBs of data, minutes of calls and texts. Anything in excess will be charged at 10p/MB, 35p/minute and 12p if within the UK and 25.5p if to an international network.

Top 1-month offer

If you would prefer to spend a trial 30-day period with 3, then the plan which offers you the best value for money might be the Essential SIM 600 1 Month. Neither the cheapest, nor the most expensive, you get enough of everything for ample testing. Data allowance of 1GB, 600 minutes and 5000 texts will all come in a package worth £15.90. All extra Internet use will cost you 10 p/MB, calls - 30 p/min and texts -- 25 p/text.

An offer in the thousands

3 has something to offer high-frequency phone and/or tablet users, too. Prepare to pay £20 a month and get a 12-month offer in the thousands. Get 3000 MB of Internet, 2000 minutes of calls, 5000 Three-to-Three minutes and 5000 texts with The One Plan 12 Month SIM Only. The only other condition is that you hand over your M&S Voucher. A similar 30-day offer is awaiting you for £25 a month, the only difference being that you are granted an all-you-can-eat Internet allowance.

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