Buying 3G Mobile Phones

A 3G mobile phone is the right pick for anyone to whom the combination of full coverage and an affordable cost is the winning one. Indeed, all major mobile carriers have a 3G network with 100% penetration. To recall, the upgrade to 4G, while underway, is far from being completed. As far as affordability is concerned, it is not a secret to anyone that the 4G craze has effected a hefty downward push on the prices of its predecessors, those of the generation before included.

If 3G is your call, what else do you need to know when buying 3G mobile phones?

The right SIM card

You have to first bear in mind a 3G mobile phone needs to have a 3G SIM card as well. Unless your previous phone was 3G, too, you have to foresee purchasing a SIM card, too. Otherwise, all 3G capabilities such as high-speed data transfer and video streaming will prove useless. As a rule, 3G phones go with micro-SIM cards. Yet, when buying make sure that you don't omit your inquiry into SIM card compatibility.

Unbeaten data transfer speed

While 4G is touted to stream video and movies up to four times faster than 3G, it is the latter which is the king in terms of data streaming. Any document on 3G will be reaching you at a speed of up to 2Mbps.


Most TV, IM, gaming and other apps are prevalently designed to run on 3G networks. The reason is simple: full 3G network penetration sees them reaching out to each and every corner of the country, i.e. to the widest possible audience. Hence, with a 3G phone you are sure to stay attuned to the latest apps available for quite some time.

3 has a full suite of 3G phones at your disposal. Just like all of its other phones, it can offer you to buy the mobile device only, in full or in instalments, or buy it in combination with a price plan. It also offers existing 3 subscribers a free 3G availability check for their mobile phones.

The phone specialist Phones4U has both the phones and the reviews, tips and guides on offer which will convert your hesitation as to what to choose into single-minded resolve. Be sure that you use the phone comparison option to juxtapose and evaluate rival offers.

Orange has many of its mobile phones ready for the advent of 4G and all of them capable of enjoying in full the capabilities of 3G. Check the full range and make your selection.

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