Being a trend setter with 4G mobile phones

It might be that you have always fancied being abreast or even ahead of the others. It might be that you like changing your mobile devices a bit more often than the rest. Or it might be that you cannot help but have the latest from your favourite brand. All of these penchants will bring about the same buying solution when it comes to phones: you will be up there hunting for 4G phones. The latest design, the latest functionality, the latest apps. Once decided on 4G, what else should dictate your choice?

Price considerations

The best almost always costs dear but there are ways to veer off exorbitant prices. One of them is to stick with a mobile operator for, say, 24 months and in return for your loyalty you are most certain pay a lower lump sum or be allowed to pay your device out in instalments as part of your SIM plan (which always hurts less than paying in full outright). Another way is to keep "sniffing out" for vendor promotions.

4G network ruminations

While your phone might have the might to run on a 4G LTE network, the network might yet to be rolled out there. For licensing reasons, it is only EE, owner of brands T-Mobile and Orange, which have a live 4G network; therefore, for the time being to enjoy it you have to commit with either of these operators. Just recently, rival carriers Vodafone and O2 were licensed to use 4G frequencies. While fast on the EE's heels developing 4G networks of their own, they are yet to reveal when the launch of their networks will take place.


Against this background, prepare to pay a bit more each month for 4G since the EE has indeed taken advantage of its existing monopoly and its plans are quite expensive.

O2 might not yet be technologically fit for 4G but it has the 4G LTE-compatible phones in stock for you to be ready and equipped for the forthcoming 4G rollout. The vast majority of its promotions concern 4G phones so take a close look and decide if any of them is the right one for you.

Carphone Warehouse has many 4G mobile phone offers from all the operators on the UK landscape. Compare prices and plans for the bestsellers and see if there is any particularly attractive offer which should never be missed.

EE, as already mentioned, is the only operator offering 4G so you have come to the right spot if you wish to buy a phone and use its 4G LTE functionality right away. See what's in and arrive to a decision.

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