The main point of this article is related to one of the newest generation network systems widely known as 5G. Here we will cover the topic about what is 5G, its advantages and disadvantage, 5G network in the UK markets, advice and recommendation.

First of all, you need to know that 5G is a fifth-generation network that makes a revolution in mobile technologies. The letter "G" in 3G, 4G and 5G means "generation". So 5G will be the fifth generation wireless network which promises much faster downloading and data sharing, wider coverage and more stable connections.

One of the best advantages of this network will be that it will have a global coverage, it will have the access to connect between 10 to 100 devices. Around 90% in the energy use for the network will be reduced. Moreover, battery life will be much longer and the whole world will be in a wireless (Wi-Fi) area. Also, the 5G networkwill be a benefit for the whole society for sure.People will have the chance to control their computers with headphones, education will be easier,visualizing the universe, galaxies and planets will be possible. There will have a better chance of discovering missing people and a quick detection of a natural disaster, including tsunami, earthquake, etc.

Although 5G technology resolve many issues with radio signals and mobile phone hazards, there are many new security problems and lack of technological advancements which arise in most geographic regions.Here are some of the main disadvantageous of the network: many old devices will not be compatible with 5G, so they all have to be replaced with new and expensive ones, the infrastructure development will enquire high costs, the issue of security and privacy is not yet resolved, etc.

Now about the new mobile phones that are likely to appear with the 5G network in UK. According to many sources, new mobile phones will be needed but such may appear after the technology is ready, perhaps by the end of 2019. These mobile phones will be able to switch between 4 and 5G for a more secure service.

Most countries are expected to have access to 5G by 2020 and for example I could give you one of the greatest inventions called Huawei. The company has promised to offer their clients the best phone ever created which will support a fifth-generation mobile network. The price promised will be nearly half of the price of their direct rival - Apple.

Let’s give more detailed information about the mobile phone in question. The 5G phone is called Mate 20 X 5G is an upgraded version of the Huawei Mate 20 X, only with 5G capabilities. It's not so expensive (over $1.200 US), it has a regular screen: 7.2-inch display, 4200mAh battery, triple camera setup on the back, and uses the Huawei Balong 5000 7nm 5G chipset. The release date, when Huawei will come to the UK, is considered to be in June/July this year.

Even though, the UK market will be soon full of many of these inventions, similar to Huawei, there is a research that most people are in no hurry to switch to 5G.Only 26% said they would buy a new 5G-compatible device as soon as suppliers started to offer the service in their area.

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