Get Online with Data Sim Cards

If you already own a tablet but need a quick and easy way to connect to the internet, a data sim card is the answer. Whether you opt for a 12 month contract or a rolling data plan, it’s easy to find data sim cards online. Take a few minutes to read our guide to data sim cards to see if they’re the right choice for you.

The Benefits of Data Sim Cards

The clue is in the name – data sim cards provide data, although the amount included will depend on the tariff you choose. Depending on your tablet and network, you can connect using 3G or 4G, allowing you to use the internet on the go no matter where you are!

Watch out for the Small Print

It’s important to be aware of your contract length when taking out a data package. You could take a pay as you go data plan when ordering your data sim card. This usually mean that you can top up your allowance whenever you like and you’re not tied into a deal; for example, for £10 with Three, you’ll receive 1GB of data to use as you please. If you’re a heavier user, it makes more sense to sign up for a rolling 30 day contract or 12 month contract, as these will provide you with a larger allowance. With a 30 day rolling allowance, you can switch networks or tariffs after your 30 days is up, allowing you the ultimate in flexibility. For around £15 per month, you could benefit from 10GB of data!

Get the Right Sim Card

If you’re shopping for data sim cards online, you’ll need to make sure you get the right sim card for your tablet. Newer tablets such as the iPad Mini will use a Nano sim, whereas older models might use a Micro sim. You can check the sim card slot of your tablet or look online for more advice if you’re not sure. Shopping on websites such as Carphone Warehouse will allow you to compare deals and they’ll usually guide you in the right direction if you’re not sure which type of sim card is right for your device.

Data sim cards are an easy way to connect a sim-free tablet to the Internet. If you’ve bought a pre-owned tablet or received one from a friend or family member, a data sim card is the quickest way to get connected.

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