What's on at EE: SIM card offer overview

Being with EE means that you commit with the technological flagman of the UK. It being the only operator to have rolled out a 4G LTE network, you will be dazed by the speed of video, movie and data streaming that 4G provides once you subscribe to any of its 4GEE plans. Make sure that you have the 4G-compatible phone and SIM card and, off you go to testing new technological grounds. Below you will find three of the EE offers which are representative of the three major EE plan groups they pertain to.

Long-term commitment 4GEE

Staying with this operator guarantees you calls and texts in unlimited amounts. All plans, 4GEE and SIM only alike, are that lavish; therefore, the EE is seen to base its pricing scheme on data allowance differentials. The cheapest one sees you pay £31 and £41 per month if you sign a 12-month and 24-month contract, respectively. The high-end offer for 8GB with a 12-month contract will cost you £66 whereas with the 24-month one £56. A whopping 20GB allowance caters to the intensive user segment and comes with a 24-month contract at a cost of £76.

SIM Only, 12-month and 30-day

The same unlimited condition, as mentioned briefly, holds also true for SIM only plans. Here, the cheapest offer for 12-month contracts/500MB costs £21 while the most expensive one, 12-month/20GB costs £61. In the 30-day segment, expectedly costs are a bit higher, with the 500MB plan costing £23 while the 20GB one £63.

Pay as You Go

In this category, EE asks you to have your choice between either of its brands when it comes to Pay As You Go Plans. Orange will take you to the zoo with its dolphin, canary, monkey and racoon plans which will all offer you EE's trademark free texts and calls. As for T-Mobile, you have all the parameters - calls, texts, data - variable and your choice, the lowest price beginning at £10 a month.

Never forget to see the promotions which will see you the proud owner of a 4G phone and a 4G SIM card along with a price plan which might come sweeter than buying the devices and the plan individually. With EE, the combined offer starts by choosing a phone and then matching it against a plan of choice. Do not forget to use the phone comparison option. Whether it be the latest editions of iPhone or Samsung, Sony, Nokia, HTC or HUAWEI or the 3G ones proven to be the bestsellers over the long run and still on the market, it is only by way of comparison which will ensure that you are buying just what you need.

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