Stay in Touch with a Free Micro Sim

The latest smartphones cost hundreds of pounds, and not everyone is lucky enough to be able to afford a brand new handset. If you’ve purchased a pre-owned handset online, the chances are you’ll need a new sim card for your handset. Ordering a free micro sim allows you to connect your phone to the network of your choice without paying a penny. You can then choose a tariff which suits you – most of the leading mobile networks have pay as you go tariffs which include text, call and data allowances, so it’s easy to stay connected. Take a few minutes to read our handy guide to free micro sims and see if this product is right for you.

What is a Micro Sim?

A micro sim is simply a smaller version of a traditional mobile phone sim card, which is the little card that slips into the back of your phone and connects you to the mobile network, generating your unique phone number. Micro sims started to be used in smartphones such as the iPhone and other handsets, and you can buy an adaptor if you need to use your micro sim in a phone which takes a standard sized sim card.

What’s in it for me?

Ordering a free micro sim is a great option if you’ve purchased a pre-owned phone. Often, pre-owned phones bought online will be sim-free, but even if they come with a sim card, you might find yourself plagued with texts and calls meant for the previous phone’s owner!

By ordering a free micro sim from the mobile network of your choice, you’ll have a brand new phone number that is all yours, and you can get connected instantly. Most mobile phone networks offer a choice of tariffs when you order your sim, so you’ll benefit from an allowance which includes text, calls (and sometimes even data) to use as you please. By ordering several free micro sims, you can keep in touch with friends and family for less, as you’ll all be on the same network, so it will be cheaper to send texts and make calls.

Free micro sims are also a great option if your mobile phone contract has ended and you’re looking to change networks or stay on the same network without committing to another 12 month contract. You can keep your existing handset and simply insert the new micro sim to remain connected (although you may have to change your phone number.)

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