Save Money with Free Sim Cards

If you're tired of your tariff or perplexed with your provider, it might be time to consider switching phone networks -- here's where free sim cards can help! Most of the leading phone networks offer free sim cards to new pay as you go customers, which allows you to connect to their network for free! In some cases it's even possible to connect a pay monthly phone, provided your contract has ended, although you may need to have your phone unlocked to switch networks. Take a few minutes to read our guide to free sim cards, to see if they could be right for you.

Which Companies Offer Free Sims

Most of the mobile phone networks offer free sim cards to anyone wishing to connect to their network on a pay as you go tariff. Here are some examples of the tariffs available on O2:

* Pay & Go GoGo -- this offers users a free sim and a bundle which starts from £10 a month and includes 75 minutes, 500 free texts and 250MB of data

* Unlimited -- this deal offers a free sim with unlimited calls and texts to other O2 phones included as well as 100MB of data

These are just a couple of examples of current deals -- using a comparison site such as Money Supermarket can help you to compare the free sim deals available before ordering your free sim card.

How Does it Work?

It really is as simple as filling out a form with your details to receive your free sim. When it arrives, pop it in your phone and activate it (this varies depending on the network but you'll usually receive a text or a number to call to activate the sim). That's all there is to it and you're now connected to your new network of choice, without having to pay a penny!

The Benefits of Free Sims

If you like your current phone and don't want to buy a new one, a free sim is the best way to switch to a new tariff or change networks without having to do so. You can usually order a specific number of free sims, so you could order them for friends and family and keep in touch for less, as you'll all be on the same network!

Free sims are also great for anyone who likes to keep a 'backup' phone -- you can insert the sim card into your old phone and keep it for emergencies in case your current phone fails.

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