Why GiffGaff SIM cards

There is one very important reason why you would commit with GiffGaff sim cards: it is CHEAP! At 10p per minute, GiffGaff charges for calls outside plans are 2.5 to 3 times less expensive than those of rivals. Texts outside plans, on the other hand, are twice as cheap while 1MB of Internet comes at a whopping three-to-five times discount compared to Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile. And the good news is that plans are also sweet good news to anyone's purse. Starting at as low as £5 a month and never exceeding £20, you are sure to never give too much.

Reviewing the plans with GiffGaff, one has to outright decide whether the SIM card will be used with a phone or with a tablet/dongle.

Phone offers

Like almost no other, GiffGaff is very generous to anyone talking to another GiffGaff SIM card owner. Free GiffGaff-to-GiffGaff calls are guaranteed. Yet you are guaranteed no unlimited call option under any SIM card plan. The range you can get is from 60 to 1200 minutes under the £5 to £20 plan. Anything extra, as previously said, will be charged at 10 p/min. Unlimited texts, however, is no illusion at GiffGaff. They start from the £7.50 plan onwards while unlimited data is all yours from £12 onwards.

Tablet/dongle offers

Tablet and dongle offers, as these devices' purpose presumes, arrive with a data allowance only. The three offers you can get cost £5, £7.50 and £12.50 for, respectively, 500MB, 1GB and 3GB. For ease of reference, GiffGaff informs you how much you can do with 1GB in terms of emails (body only), emails (with attachments), music streaming, video streaming and listening to radio online. Review this page to ensure that you get just what you need and no more. A good policy is that if you exceed your data allowance, you will be charged nothing for another 50MB. Anything extra will cost you 2 p/MB until the end of the contracted term.

Ideal for fans of Pay As You Go plans

Getting a SIM card from GiffGaff is a no-obligation contract. You can top up your card or drop it whatsoever whenever you wish; therefore, it is perfect for Pay As You Go clients. Seen the other way round, you are to get no further discount for staying with GiffGaff for long.

Payback options

There are a number of ways with which you can win points which you can then invest in new plans or get them in cash (via PayPal). Sending SIMs to friends, sharing personalised SIM order pages or featuring in a friend's list as a recommended: all of these will earn you points, the value being 1 point per penny.

Visit the GiffGaff website (above) and take your final decision.

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