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Let’s start with the greatest news about the iPad family because it has grown with one more member and this is the so-called Apple iPad Air. If you desperately need an iPad right now, buying the new Air model will be the best bargain you can make. You don’t need to have some professional skills in order to use such a device since the iPad Air is very powerful and can be used both from the ordinary people and businessmen. Of course, the price is attractive starting from £479. Everything you need is gathered in this device so let’s have a quick detailed quick and outline its main advantages and features.

If you are a person who wants to use the most advanced technologies, who is always eager to know more and follow the latest trends, Air iPad is the best purchase for you. All you need is love but in this case, all you need is just a device which is 6.1 millimeters thin and only 456 grams. Light, thin and large enough to get your things done wherever you want - Retina with 10.5 inch, colorful True Tone screen supported by a clever keyboard and a pencil. Also, you have the chance to be in touch with your family, friends and files, the most importance 3 “F” things you should always be connected with. This happens thanks to the highly-advanced Wi-Fi connection which may speed up to 866 Mbps. Being around the world, you can effortlessly use your eSIM in order to get to the hundreds of wireless data plans. You can access the needed plan wherever you are at anytime you want only through your iPad device no matter if you are at home or you are traveling. There is a great variety of shorter or longer plans you can choose even if you are far away from the Wi-Fi zone. Here are some example carriers you can work with: SmarTone, Truephone, AU, AT&T, Softbank, etc.

The iPad Air could make your dreams come true because it provides plane of power and effectiveness. We all should be thankful to its Neural Engine and A12 Bionic chipset which make accessible all these unique characteristics. It is a realyy smart device, using an amazing real-time machine in order to convert you experiences, emotions, games, photos and it even enables you to edit the 4K videos. Doing lots of activities at once, like for instance watching various TV programs, making amazing presentations, and creating stunning 3D model designs. Having the chance to multitask and do several things simultaneously, makes this iPad even more attractive to customers who are eager to optimize their time and duties. Games and applications will be displayed with great resolution and graphics because of the fastest 4-core engine and Bionic chip which provides a real view and experience, 3D effects and incredible visualizations.

As we’ve already mentioned, the amazing Retina display will make your life picturesque and colorful since all the scenes you are shooting will result in real, glaring, dazzling and true-to-detail photos. Pictures are amazing, bright, colors are greatly balanced and the screen light won’t harm your eyes even if you’re reading your book during midnight or just spreading the magazine at the beach under the sunlight. You can use the 7 MP face-time HD camera or just the back and front ones in order to make you great 1080p HD videos, amazing photos and perfect usage of AR for both working and playing.

Apple Pencil is one of the newest inventions which may surprise you at the most. Once you feel inspired and ready to turn on your imagination, this Pencil is here for you. You can write down your thoughts into the great iPad Air that will play the role of your notebook. This magical instrument is charging wirelessly - it could be attached with a magnet for charging or pairing as well. A great advantage here is that you can write directly on your emails notes, screenshot and make reminders like Keynotes. The smart-keyboard is another device that you could benefit from in order to write your emails, essays or whatever you want.

The amazing iOS operational system has been designed exactly for your needs within a quick swipe or tap on the large display. The Dock is the place where you can collect your preferable apps by organizing them into your personal way. Your own files, documents, and images could be stored in the so-called iCloud Drive which works like Drop-box but on your iPad. So no need to worry because your personal will be saved and protected for sure. This device is accessible and supported by various Apps, VoiceOver, Swtich Control and programs which satisfy all your learning, hearing and working needs. Everyone can benefit from this great iPad but also from some accessories which can be bought along with the Air item e.g. the above-mentioned pencil, intelligent-keyboard, smart cover for iPad (offered in diverse colors), USB-C Power Adapter, AirPods with two types of charging options, iPad Essentials.

We can finalize the article pointing out once again the hundreds of the Air iPad advantages but let’s just leave the choice at your hands since every person is different and the choice could be hard. But take in mind that Apple Air iPad is worth buying it and you won’t regret such a unique and smart bargain.

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