A consumer's guide to getting the best deal on the iphone 6

Tensions are mounting about the launch of the iPhone 6 and although, as of this date, the official launch date hasn’t been announced, rumours are rife that the 9th of September is looking pretty likely.

Whilst this guide is based around getting the best deal around launch date, it does provide useful information that will be suitable even post launch and for the months beyond

Getting the best deal on the iPhone 6

The best advice that can be given in relation to getting the best price on the iPhone 6 is to wait until the initial launch price has deflated slightly. However, this may be unsuitable advice for those with a keen interest in the iPhone 6 and with this in mind the following points will ensure that, as far as possible, you get the cheapest deal, even if you're purchasing on launch day.

Using Google Shopping

Using Google shopping should serve as a vital resource for hunting down the best iPhone 6 deal. Here you can simply type in the handset name to be presented with practically every major supplier that stocks the item.

Reserving the handset with a new phone contract

An excellent way of making a significant saving on the iPhone 6 is to arrange a new contract with a mobile company. This ensures that you receive your handset quickly, as well as paying a drastically reduced price on the phone (although you will still have to pay a set figure, as decided by your specific phone company).

Selling your old Smartphone

Don’t forget that as a contribution towards the cost of your iPhone 6 you still have your existing smartphone as collateral. Don’t be tempted to choose the easiest option when selling your handset (such as the large companies that pay a reduced figures for mobiles). Instead you should take to the auction websites or online pinboards, ensuring that you’ve taken plenty of photos and have written a good and accurate description.

Other factors to consider when purchasing the iPhone 6

Awaiting the official reviews

Every launch of an iPhone sees consumer excitement levels that surpasses the previous launch. However, many consumers are then left disappointed by certain elements of the handset, such as the iPhone 5s’ software.

To avoid disappoint with your handset it is then advisable to await the release of a few expert reviews.

Being aware of stock issues

Launch day for any iPhone is notoriously frantic and you may well find many shops out of stock. To avoid being left disappointed it is advisable that you pre order the iPhone 6 from a large retailer so that you receive your handset either on the day of the launch, or shortly after.

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