An essential guide to finding iPhone 6 Plus deals

It seems that the technological world was waiting an age for the latest Apple iPhone model, however as of September 2014 this bigger, better and more advanced than ever iPhone finally hit the market.

For consumers who may be looking into purchasing this model there are some essential tips to follow if you’re to find the right iPhone 6 Plus deal for you. Here we guide you through the ins and outs of making a saving on this long awaited phone.

iPhone 6 Plus Deals: Choosing the right contract

Currently the iPhone 6 Plus is available for a starting price tag of around £99. This is a pretty generic rate across the phone providers and it looks like a handset price that is here to stay. The following hints and tips can help you in choosing between the providers that are currently stocking this model.

Thinking about your usage

The first step in choosing the right contract is to establish your usage. How many free minutes do you require per month? Do you undertake a lot of mobile browsing? Do you text more than you talk? Answering these questions will see you pinpointing what is that is most important to you in relation to what a phone contract includes.

A particularly important point however is to remember that Smartphones are notorious for the amountof data that they require. This is because of the applications that may be running around the clock, downloading updates and using data without you even knowing.

Comparing providers

Once you’ve established your usage it’s time to compare providers. There are many price comparison websites out there that make this process a breeze. Simply enter your usage needs and run through the list of providers that are presented side by side.

Is the 12 month deal dead?

In a word, yes. This is particularly true of iPhone 6 Plus deals as the handset is currently the most expensive on the market.

Can you make a saving by purchasing a family deal?

There may be deals out there that offer cheaper and/or more generous contract deals when purchasing numerous contracts all at once. Even if these offers aren’t immediately apparent on a phone provider’s website it is worth speaking with them directly as they can have flexibility in what is included and how much the contract costs.

Additional tips for the soon to be iPhone 6 Plus owner

Why taking out insurance is essential

As with all iPhones this model will be prone to breakages. Whilst purchasing a protective case can go some way to reducing the risk of damage there will never be a way of completely avoiding this situation.

For this reason, as well as the possibility of theft, it is highly advisable that you take out insurance. Your phone company will be able to provide this for you, however you may want to look at the increasing number of gadget insurers that are on the market. These insurance policies can bundle your iPhone 6 Plus in with coverage for items such as laptops and other gadgets.

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