iPhone 7 Plus

In case you didn't get the memo, for a few years now Apple have got into the habit of releasing a plus-sized companion model to their annual iPhone upgrade. True: the monstrous 7 Plus is an undeniably impressive piece of kit, but - with exactly the same software features as its stream-lined cousin - is it really worth the extra outlay?


The 7 Plus comes equipped with more or less everything you expect from a modern smartphone - or, at least, from an Apple smartphone (yes, iOS still lags behind android in one or two areas, even if they are finally beginning to get their act together).

The main camera is an impressive 12 megapixels, and steps have been taken this year to address image stabilisation and lighting issues of iPhones past. Despite this, Samsung's Galaxy range remains the go-to choice for budding photogaphers.

On the software front, users will be pleased to learn that Siri app integration has improved - and which is more you can now activate it without even pulling your phone from your pocket via a microphone in the wireless headphones affixed to your ears (as long as you don't mind walking around with tiny devices permanently hanging from your earbuds).

Apple have also rolled out improved word prediction when composing messages and emails - which should help prevent any more of those embarrassing texts we've all sent to our parents.

To make the model slimmer than ever, Apple have taken the controversial step of removing the headphone socket from the device. You won't miss it if you're happy to use the wireless earphones instead, but the downside to them is they are super small and easy to lose as well as being super expensive to replace.

The new model has been designed to be more water and dust resistant than previous releases - which ought to prolong the shelf-life by a couple of years.

iPhone 7 vs iPhone 7 Plus

The 7 Plus has plenty going for it, but what does it have over the standard iPhone 7?

On the face of it, the simple answer is size: the iPhone 7 has a screen size of 4.7 inches (in length) and the 7 Plus has 5.5. For most users, this probably won't make much difference, but the latter does come with greater screen resolution - which can go a long way depending on how you use your device.

For things like photgraph editing, video streaming and gaming, the 7 Plus will facilitate a crisper and more expansive display. This is a pretty niche requirement in today's age of tablets and near-pocket-sized laptops, but it's worth some consideration.

In terms of price, the 7 Plus is £120 more than the standard model. That means the 32GB version will set you back £720, the 128GB version £820, and the 256GB version £920.

Our advice? The iPhone 7 itself is a pretty expensive piece of kit, and the extra £120 is probably an outlay you don't need (particularly taking into account the cost of any supplementary accessories you may have to bear). Stick to the standard model unless you absolutely can't go without the extra screen space and picture quality.

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