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The most stunning and amazing Apple’s device is soon coming on the marketplace. No matter that it has been launched at the beginning of September, the wide fans and users should expect the factual release date on the 20th of September. There is no doubt that this small, but spectacular device, will be expensive, with a starting price from £1,049 for a 64 GB capacity and around £1,049 for a 512 GB storage (another type is the 256 GB storage option). This device worth because of its unique design with various superior features, the newest iOS 13 software, diverse sizes, colors, and specifications.

So, the newly launched iPhone 11 Pro is almost similar to the iPhone XS but that is part of Apple’s strategy since their marketing plan is to follow comparable designs during the years. For instance, as we’ve already mentioned, iPhone 11 Pro is almost the same as iPhone XS which is similar to the previous iPhone X. Their creators strongly claim that this is the rightest way to the success which means to follow the same remarkable design year after year.

We can start with the back which is quite distinct and unique because of the matte cover and of course, the bigger triple-camera that cannot be missed when you look at iPhone Pro. The inventors are sure that the camera is better than the previous model since it has a new A13 Fusion chip inside which makes it more powerful and spectacular. This camera will remain as one of the most stable and powerful parts of the smart-phone because all three cameras work together as one. The great work, communication, and collaboration between the sensor, chip, and software teams resulted in the best shooting experience ever created. Each of the three cameras has 12 megapixels sensors i.e. 12 MP lenses, 12 MP ultra-wide functions with a full 120-degree option to move and view and a conventional 12 MP shooter. The triple-camera make you feel comfortable and sure that you’ll take the best photos ever without complexity. Amazing images could be taken even at dark places such as restaurants, dark beaches, hotels, etc. but the result will surprise you for sure since you will have unique lower-light pictures in drastically gloomy spaces due to the smart software and A13 Bionic. A combination between the Portrait light and the High-Key Light Mono effect will let you feel like you are a supermodel who has very beautiful photos from a real model agency photographer and studio (6 effects in Portrait Mode). This all means that the unique camera, using the Smart HDR generation, could capture both the background and the subject which most cameras cannot do.

The edit tools initially provided for your photos, could be used both for the images and for your high-quality videos thankful to iOS 13 so now you can become a film editor. Using the 4K video will let you capture the most beautiful, smooth and detailed videos like never before. IPhone 11 Pro enables you to expand your field of view since you will have a 4x zoom range using the elegant interface. Of course, we cannot mention the famous “selfie” but why not just say only “slofie”? You are right, the slofie option is the newest effect that will make your selfies Pro. The TrueDepth camera can make you super slow-motion videos or images at 60fts or 4K. Another great feature is the Super Retina XDR display which is the sharpest and brightest screen ever (5.8-inch). It offers 458 pixels per inch, up to 1.200 nits for HDR pictures and video, diverse palette of colors, and so on.

Let’s say more about some specific iPhone Pro features like its weight which is only 188g. As we’ve already mentioned in this article, the operational system is iOS 13 and guess what, here it is the fastest chip ever created for a smart device like iPhone Pro - this is A13 Bionic. If offers you a secure work and fast process by completing various tasks at once and handling many activities faster than ever. All this happens thanks to the Neural Engine, the intelligent machine learning and Core ML3 and the fast GPU system. Of course, all the work can be done due to the long battery life that is up to 4 hours longer than the battery of iPhone XS. If you are in a hurry, but you are with a low battery, there is no place for worries since the iPhone Pro device could be 50% charged only for 30 minutes. The PMU (power management unit) contributes a lot for the longer battery life along with the amazing A13 Bionic.

Another important factor to notice is that the iPhone is water-resistant with and IP69 rating which means that could stay half an hour in a 4-meter depth. It is also dust and spills stable no matter if we talk about tea, coffee or juice. Also, your privacy is secured and everything is made for your convenience, safety, and protection. Moreover, the Face ID is with 30% faster so no one could unlock your phone. Well, let say something about the stunning outer design which can make your decision even harder due to the great variety of colors e.g. Silver, Gold, New Green, Space Grey, and many other options.

To sum up, let's say that not only regular consumers need this great Apple device but the business and many famous clients and companies claim that it is worth having such a phone. The deal is great, the price is acceptable for all the positive features it provides, so no more time for thinking - just wait until the 20th of September and catch the best technological invention that has been ever created.

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