What to ask when buying a micro SIM card

What is the beauty of micro SIM cards? They do not need a costly investment in phones of the latest release -- they mostly work with nano SIM cards -- but they have the functionality to run what smartphones are famous for. Apart from standard calls and texts, micro SIM cards allow you to browse the Internet: read email, stream video and music, download and work with electronic files.

Phone compatibility issues

Before buying a micro SIM card, your primary concern should be its compatibility with your phone. Unless buying it in a package with a new phone, you should ask for corroboration either the shop assistant or find one in your phone model's technical specifications. The most popular phones supporting micro SIM cards are iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S4, BlackBerry Q10, LG Optimus LTE 4G, HTC One 4G, Sony Xperia G, Motorola RAZR and Nokia Lumia 520.

3G and 4G compatibility queries

Another very important issue you have to establish is whether the micro SIM card can run on the latest generation 4G LTE network. This type of network is expected to be up and running with three operators a year from now and a couple of more have announced plans to rent 4G LGE frequencies from either of the three. It is essential that you know that some micro SIM cards can tune into the latest network while others do not; therefore, do not forget to inquire thereof.

Plans on end

A number of operators have special micro SIM only deals which face all customer segments, attune to all consumption volumes under Pay As You Go and Pay Monthly plans alike. When reviewing plans, make sure that you use the filters available at operator's websites which sift the offer down to the price range you can afford, the minute, text and data allowance that you want.


With 3 Mobile, you can have a micro SIM either under a micro SIM only plan or in combination with a gadget: a phone or a tablet. Also make sure that you distinguish between plans catering to your phone and to your tablet. While the former will arrive with calls, texts and data, the former will be offering you mobile broadband alone.

The same is valid for GiffGaff. The Pay As You Go specialist has great offers which see you disentangled from any long-term contracts while paying rates which match the ones of subscription plans elsewhere.

If you are not sure which operator to choose, then use uSwitch to see side by side the best offers on the market. This website allows you to filter the offers to micro SIM cards only. Use it to ensure you are looking just at the deals you are interested in.

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