Finding the right contract for the new Blackberry

Finding the right contract can seem like a seriously complex process. From considering how many free minutes you’d like to the numerous offers, free gifts and add ones that are available. With more and more providers entering the market year on year the sheer choice on offer is increasing and here we guide you through the sometimes confusing world of finding a contract for the new Blackberry.

The new Blackberry handset: the Specs

Blackberry have been somewhat forgotten in recent years, with the company previously focusing more on the commercial market. However with the launch of the new Blackberry the industry has been universally positive about what the new handset offers and why consumers should seriously consider it as compared to the iPhone or latest Samsung.

Key features of the Blackberry

New models within Blackberry’s range include the Z10 and the Z30; both of these phones feature some brand new, never before seen features for the lover of the Blackberry handset.

Both have seriously increased storage capacity, with some of the longest battery life around. The real seller of these models however is the fact that they offer Blackberry Paratek Technology, which means that consumers can stay online even in areas with weak signals. This latter feature will be welcome news for all, however for business people on the move this service will most certainly prove to be particularly valuable.

Key considerations when choosing a contract for your new Blackberry

Thinking about your usage

The most influential factor when choosing a contract is to consider what you really use. If you currently have a contract then it is advisable that you check your past bills to see if you’ve been paying for services that you either don’t use, or use too much of and that go over the bundled features.

Once you’ve established what it is that is important to you, you can then use this to search through the many contracts that are on offer for the new Blackberry.

Generally speaking contracts that cost £30 or more should come with the Blackberry handset as part of the package, although there are the select few who offer higher allowances in return for a small fee for the handset itself. Each and every contract on the market is, however, now subject to a minimum term of 24 months.

Checking coverage

Prior to going ahead with any contract you must ensure that the provider offers a good level of reception in your area. Not doing so can see you stuck with a mostly useless contract.

This process can be as simple as checking the provider’s website directly and entering your postcode.

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