A guide to finding the best contract for the new Google Nexus

Google are pretty much taking over the tech world, with cutting edge, low priced laptops and plenty of exciting news on the recently launched Nexus 9 tablet. Here we’ve taken a look at the Nexus 6, the latest phone from the tech powerhouse that is Google. We explain what you can expect from the handset as well as how you can find a reasonably priced contract that has plenty of free minutes, texts and a good amount of browsing data bundled in.

What to expect when buying the Nexus 6

The Google Nexus 6 is the latest model from the tech giants to take the phone industry by storm. You can expect to benefit from a HD Display featured on a 6 Inch Quad Screen as well as front-facing stereo speakers.

A key improvement that is seen on this model as compared to the Nexus 5 is the featuring of an upgraded battery. This has dramatically improved upon call and browsing times and requires far less charging time than previous models.

Finding the best contract for the new Google Nexus

Contracts for the New Google Nexus: What you can expect

The Google Nexus is subject to some of the best contracts on the market with little to no money being paid upfront for the handset itself. Unsurprisingly however it is still subject to the now standard 24 month long contract.

You can then expect contracts that range in price between £25 - £50, or from £15 upwards where you pay a small to medium fee for the handset itself.

Utilising price comparison engines

Without question you should always start your search for the most competitive phone contract with price engines. Here you can select the amount of free minutes, texts and data allowance you would like and search through practically every provider on the market. From here you can see providers’ packages lined up side by side for comparisons at a glance.

Phoning providers directly

There are few areas of business in the western world where you can barter for technology goods, but phone contracts remains a place where you can haggle down the ongoing monthly cost of your phone service. For this reason you should always make a point of phoning any promising complains up directly to see if they are able to improve upon their advertised deals.

Cashback deals

One deal which people frequently overlook the value of is where a handset features as part of a cashback deal. These offers see consumers paid back a set amount of money after they have had their contract for a certain amount of time (usually between 3 to 12 months).

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