The check guide for payg nano SIM cards

When looking for a payg nano SIM card, research and the steps this process entails are pretty much the same as with any other SIM card type. First and foremost, it is the type of plan you buy it with which matters the most, not the quality of the nano SIM card that you take. Whether prepaid or subscription, it must be tailored to meet your consumption needs (for calls, texting and Internet) and must come at the best available price. When adding the pre-paid factor to it, this plan must be giving you the choice to fly away at any time at no penalty whatsoever.

Is it a nano SIM card that you need?

Because of the rapid technological advance, phones of multiple generations and, respectively, sizes have been cohabiting on the market. SIM cards have been developing concurrently and now exist in three basic variants: standard, micro and nano SIM. Generally, nano SIM cards go with the latest phone releases; however, some phone manufacturers might still be finding micro SIMs as the more appropriate chip for their novelties. Therefore, before shopping for a SIM card, you need to make sure it is indeed a nano SIM card that you need.

Across the board rate check

Once you have established you are indeed after a nano SIM card, you can move onto the next check: that of going rates and tariffs for your typical consumption levels. Try to compare products whose minute, text and data allowances are exactly the same to get a realistic picture of the best available offer. Also see what the rates for calls, texts and Internet are once you have used up the allowances.

Need it for a tablet?

Presently, it is not only phones but also tablets which need a nano SIM card to take advantage of 3G and 4G networks in the UK. Therefore, when looking for a prepaid nano SIM card plan, make sure that you concentrate on tablet-facing plans, namely the ones which contain data alone. Buying by mistake a plan which has minutes and texts as well would mean allowances which you pay for but never use.


GiffGaff is often rendered the best partner of payg aficionados, those who have many friends within the GiffGaff network and those who enjoy texting on end. This network offers both texts and intra-network calls for free for all card plans. Its rates per minute are also at least twice as cheap than that of the second-cheapest network.

At O2, look for nano SIM card plans in the Pay and Go plan category. Spend the time to see the details of each of the four basic plans before taking a final decision as to which one is the best one for you.

3 distinguishes between payg offers for iPads and phones; therefore, make sure you proceed and review the right Pay As You Go plan once having hovered over the Store category of the main menu.

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