Payg vs Contract SIM Deals

Many of us, when making up one's mind on a new plan, face the dilemma whether to have the exit door wide open or to stay in for long. Pay as you go is the option which allows you to top up once and do so never again but subscription plans offer the cheaper rates, especially from one consumption point onwards. These being the top pros for each of the aforementioned plans, below you can find a list of other advantages and disadvantages of theirs.

Payg is good for testing

Payg is an excellent way of testing the quality of a mobile network. In return for a small sum paid upfront, you get the opportunity to listen for "scratches" or interruptions in the voice connection, to check the speed of Internet browsing, etc. and then decide if you are to stay or go.

Contract "gives" gifts

With a contract, you usually face ample opportunities to take the gadget that you like. Whether a TV, a phone or a tablet, you take it for free in return, of course, for your loyalty and the stream of money that will be trickling off your pocket for at least a year. While Payg also gives free gifts, they are usually not as lavish than the contract ones.

Pay As You Go has minutes, texts, data for free, too!

Unlike in the past, payg customers now enjoy free talk, texting and Internet. And more and more so in amounts comparable to those of contract subscribers. This holds true especially of texting.

Contract: no advance payment, full visibility

With contract, you never pay in advance and enjoy the latitude to pay up to one month after the call, text or MB of browsed Internet. You can also enjoy full visibility into your accounts by accessing your online account with your preferred mobile operator or by receiving a detailed breakdown of your charges on a paper-based copy.

Payg allows for easy change of mobile numbers

If for one reason or another, you like to change your mobile number, then you should not run for subscription. With a Pay As You Go deal, you buy a new SIM card and, thereby, a new mobile number. With contract, you will have to wait until your contract expires before you can request your new mobile number.

O2 offers free SIM cards to anyone willing to join its network and commit even if for a little while with it through its Pay & Go plans. Check the details and see which one fits your particular preferences.

GiffGaff is the expert in pre-paid plans and anything that you see as plans is in this domain. Decide how much you need in the month to come and top up with the plan of your choice.

Virgin Mobile has plans for any taste and a whole slew of special offers for new phones. Use the opportunity to sort the phones by price, manufacturer and latest release and reach out to the phones you prefer faster and easier.

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