Samsung Galaxy S5: the Practical Yet Stylish Smartphone Choice

Samsung are one of the leaders in smartphone technology and their range of Galaxy handsets are incredibly popular with Android users. The Galaxy S5 offers some of the most advanced technology available in the modern market, and is celebrated for its sharp Super AMOLED display, generous 5.1 inch screen and high quality 16 megapixel camera.

Despite its robust technical capabilities, the S5 doesn’t have to sacrifice style in any way and is a slim 8.1mm deep, and reasonably light at 145g. The simple yet elegant style makes it a popular choice of phone for thousands of people, but many love it for its practical design features, too.

Expandable Storage

One of the S5’s most popular features is its removable plastic back which gives the user access to the battery and to an extra memory expansion slot. The latter is a fantastic feature which means that if you end up using more memory than you expected you don’t have to keep deleting apps, games, photos, files and music; simply add more storage and carry on.

For many phone buyers there is the tricky decision of choosing memory size; devices with larger storage are significantly more expensive and there’s the risk that the extra space may not even get used, which is money wasted. With the Galaxy S5 you can start small and have the flexibility to expand if needed.

Removable Battery

The S5 also allows the user to remove the phone’s battery, which is an unusual yet popular attribute in modern smartphones. Many phone manufacturers prefer to use embedded batteries as they allow the phone to be slimmer and tend to have a longer overall lifetime than removable versions. However, removable batteries allow users to carry a charged spare so that they can simply swap batteries over should their phone run out of charge away from a plug socket.

Samsung have ensured that the battery life of the S5 is very good to begin with, offering up to 21 hours talk time or 13 hours video play time, however by allowing the battery to be removed and replaced they give users even more flexibility. In this respect it’s the perfect phone for those who travel regularly or use their phone very heavily and need reliable, long-lasting battery life.

Getting a Good deal

The Galaxy S5 was Samsung’s top of the range smartphone until April 2015 when the Galaxy S6 was launched. As a result of this the price of the S5 has significantly dropped and can be bought new for £350 - £400; a huge saving compared to the £579 which it was originally priced at when first launched. This is therefore the perfect time to get your hands on the awesome technology the S5 has to offer at a more affordable price.

If you’re looking for a new phone contract with handset included, many mobile providers currently offer the S5 as part of their tariff packages at a lower monthly rate than many of the newer handsets which have been recently launched, too. You will also find that many people are selling off their old S5 handsets in order to make way for new smartphone models, so if you don’t have a problem with it being second hand you could pick up a used Galaxy S5 for just £150 to £250, dependant on condition.

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