How to Save Money on Your New Samsung Galaxy S6

With the latest Galaxy S model on the market, many people are eager to get their hands on the phone’s new cutting edge technology. However, with an RRP of £660 for the 64GB model, the S6 doesn’t come cheap. Here are a few ways you can save money on the latest smartphone.

Consider less memory

The 32GB S6 is £60 cheaper than the 64GB, which is a big saving if you don’t mind sacrificing the internal memory. If you tend to upload lots of music and films to your phone it could be worth opting for the 64GB, but for those who primarily use their memory for photos and videos you could use Cloud storage instead and have plenty of space for apps with just 32GB.

Compare tariffs and upfront payments

If you’re choosing a contract with your Galaxy S6, you’ll often find that the lower the tariff cost, the higher the upfront fee for the handset. However, if you opt for a higher priced tariff you may be paying for minutes, texts and data each month that you simply don’t use, and this could be more expensive in the long term than paying a large upfront fee and smaller monthly payments. Work out the overall cost of each tariff and upfront payment; if you can afford to pay more now and know you’ll only require a low monthly tariff, this will often be the cheapest option.

Buy a handset only

If you’d rather not be tied to a contract with minutes, texts and data that you know you won’t use, you’ll probably find it cheaper to buy the S6 handset only. You can then choose rolling monthly sim-only contracts, or pay as you go and only pay for the small amount of service that you’ll use. Remember that if you’d like to put an existing sim into a new handset you may have to unlock the phone from its pre-set network provider which could cost you up to £30, however this may be a small price to pay for the overall savings you’ll make.

Become a “new customer” with the same network provider

New customers often get cheaper introductory deals on contracts from network providers and as a result may be able to get the new Samsung Galaxy S6 at a lower price. As an existing customer you will have to “upgrade” from your old phone to get your hands on the S6 and may not be eligible for special offers. Rather than upgrading, you could cancel your contract (beware this may result in a charge if you’re only part way through it) and open a new one if you find that new customers get a better deal.

The problem with this method is that you won’t be able to keep your existing number, as the network provider won’t allow it to be transferred to a new contract within the same network. You can get around this by getting a free pay as you go sim from another provider, and transferring the number’s PAC code to the new sim. When you have your new contract set up with your old provider, transfer the PAC code back over to the old network in order to keep the same number. Although this is a lot of hassle, it could be worth it if the “new” customer deal offers massive savings.

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