Choosing SIM only contracts

SIM only contracts are an excellent option for anyone who is happy with his/her phone but not so with the plan he/she uses. SIM only contract is the plan which will charge you only for calls, texts and data. You pay at the end of each month under the contract plan. You can have the new plan along with a new SIM card and a new mobile number or you can opt to retain your existing mobile number by taking advantage of number portability (bear in mind that the latter is only possible with a subscription plan).

Analyse your mobile habits

In view of this diversity, what matters the most when choosing a SIM only contract? It's you and your mobile habits! Analyse them carefully and let them navigate your search. For one, you have to establish your existing consumption. Then question yourself whether this is the consumption you would like to have in future or would, rather, wish to downsize it or the other way round. Let's take data, for example. It might be that you would be getting all the more mobile and you would need a larger data allowance to download files while on the move. Or you would be willing to stream more music and video.

Phone or tablet

The next thing you should consider is whether you need a full package, i.e. calls, texts and data or data only, as would be the case if buying a SIM card and a plan for your tablet. If you own any of the latest hybrids which tout being a combination of a phone and a tablet, then do make sure that your purchase does have the combined phone + tablet functionality. Because if it doesn't and you buy a SIM only plan for phones, you would end up using only its data portion while paying for calls and texts which you are unable to use.


With 3, you have SIM plans for phones and tablets alike, as well as options to obtain free SIM cards (only standard and micro SIM cards are available). In this website, you have plans both for subscribers and not, with many variations thereof.

Orange also has multiple offers with different combinations of data, minutes and texts. See which one fits you the most and if the price is affordable, buy online and use it within 24 hours at latest.

At, by clicking on the SIM only deals section in the left-hand column, you land in the domain which gives full visibility into the SIM only offers of 10 mobile operators. Introduce yourself to the details, compare and contrast and then take your well informed decision.

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