Sim Only Deals....For Those who Love Their Phones

If you've grown rather attached to your smartphone and the idea of upgrading to a new model fills you with horror, there is an easier way. Opt for a sim only deal and you could keep your current beloved phone whilst switching to a new network and a tariff which offers you better value for money! Just read our handy guide to sim only deals to find out whether your phone and you are destined to stay together now your contract has ended!

How Does it Work

A sim only deal allows you to keep your current phone -- all that changes is the sim card. You can choose a sim card from any network, and the price per month is usually much lower than starting a new pay monthly contract. For those who don't want the hassle of learning to use the latest smartphone or are quite attached to their current model of phone, keeping their handset and switching networks using a sim only deal is a great option. You can even usually keep your existing phone number!

How Much Does it Cost

The cost of sim only deals varies depending on the following factors:

* The network chosen -- there are deals ranging from £10 and up a month on some networks

* The type of sim -- a regular sim, micro sim or nano sim

* The tariff chosen -- obviously if you have a larger allowance for calls, texts and data, your monthly cost will be higher

The sim card itself doesn't cost anything, it's the tariff you choose which incurs a monthly cost -- but you'll often find that the allowances are much more generous on a sim only deal than when taking out a new pay monthly contract.

Why opt for Sim Only?

There are a number of reasons to opt for sim only, from wanting to keep your existing phone to not wanting to sign up for another 12-24 month contract. Here are a couple of other reasons why a sim only deal is such a good idea:

* If you're waiting for the latest handset to come out and don't want to tie yourself into another 12 or 24 month contract, a sim only deal can allow you to benefit from generous allowances at a lower monthly cost whilst keeping your existing handset

* For those who are worried about failing a credit check for a new pay monthly phone, a sim only deal uses far less strict criteria when credit checking you, as the company aren't having to supply you with any expensive hardware

A sim only deal is great value for money and ideal for those who are happy with their current handset but looking to save money on calls, texts or data by switching networks.

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